Kinp for Norah - The Baby Vertebrae

Katherine DaSilva Knitting Patterns

When I found out my daughter was pregnant for the second time I knew I wanted to knit a cute little baby sweater. Baby knits are just the cutest.  Everything is cuter when it's tiny, right?!? After much debate, I settled on the Baby Vertebrae by Kelly van Niekerk.  At the time I didn't know the sex of the baby and I wanted something that could work for either.  The Baby Vertebrae is a simple open front cardigan that is perfect for a boy or a girl.  There is a free pattern available if you just want to knit the newborn...

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A Ghastlie Snip - 2019 Mother's Day Kits & Yarn

Katherine DaSilva Shop News

In Ghastlie Manor on Ghastlie Streetthere's a Ghastlie family there to meet. Mathilda Ghastlie and husband tooextend a Ghastlie "how do you do?"It's a Ghastlie day for a Ghastlie walkunder Ghastlie trees around a Ghastlie block. With a Ghastlie snip and a crafty witThe Handmaker crafts a bag for knit. A Ghastlie vasemade of fabric baseholds a peculiar plant bouquet. "What's spooky?  What's strange?", you might reply.It's Ghastlie, my dear. These flowers don't die. I love that cute little poem my son wrote for me.  It's an expanded version of Alexander Henry's The Ghastlie's.Speaking of family, Mother's Day is just...

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Katherine DaSilva Creating Joy

If you're on Instagram I'm sure you've been seeing the posts about FibreShare.  Have you been wondering what it is?  This is my second round participating in FibreShare and well if your not familiar with it and you're just not quite sure what all the hubbub is about let me catch you up. FibreShare is a wonderful way to make new yarny friends and add some new yarns to your stash.  Maybe some you've never tried before.     FibreShare started in 2015 as a swap between a small group of friends and has continued to grow ever since to...

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Seven Things I Wish I Had Known When I Started Knitting

Katherine DaSilva If I Can't Take My Knitting I'm Not Going

I first picked up a pair of knitting needles more than 20 years ago.  I wanted to learn to knit but didn't have anyone to ask to teach me so I purchased a "Teach Yourself to Knit" kit and some acrylic yarn and set out to teach myself.  My first project was a cabled afghan.  It was this creamy ivory color and I could imagine it laying across the back of my couch. Not long after I started knitting that afghan I met a lady through a friend who was a seasoned knitter.  I was excited to talk to someone about knitting,...

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Shop Update: February 4, 2019

Katherine DaSilva

Did you miss the shop update on Friday?  Of course, you didn't because it's happening on Monday.  I got your back.  I usually update the shop every third Friday but I decided to push this update to Monday because if you haven't heard a new round of Fibre Share just started and not only am I participating but I'm also a Fibre Share vendor.  What does that all mean?  Well...I'll tell you all about Fibre Share in an upcoming post but right now I just want to show you what's coming to the shop.       Yes, I like big...

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