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The first day of summer may come in June but August is the hightime of summer for me.  It's hot, as hot as it gets here in the Pacific Northwest, the cherries have all been harvested around my home and things are starting to slow down just a bit.  Living in the Washington countryside and a farming community means that life is in full speed  as soon as the snow clears the ground and it doesn't stop until the crops have all been harvested.  And having a husband and a son in law that work in industries connected to farming and food processing means it's crazy busy around here this time of year.  So it's nice when it slows down a bit and we can enjoy a backyard BBQ.  And you can't have a proper BBQ without s'mores. 


August Secret Bag Society by The Handmaker's Bag


For the August Secret Bag Society I have found the cutest fabric that is just perfect for those projects you want to take along to those backyard BBQ's or weekend camping trips.  Anywhere there might be s'mores.  And what makes this kit even better is I've teamed up with Amanda from Little Bitty Delights.  Amanda has created the most delicious progress keeper for this months club.  

The August Secret Bag Society - Everything S'more Fun With You will include:

  • Adventure Bag
  • Little Bitty Delights Progress Keeper
  • Mini Skein
  • Surprise

So how do you get your hands on one of these sweet treats?  Well, first you'll need to put down that sticky s'more and then head to your computer.  They will be in the shop on July 2nd at 10:00 AM.  Kits are limited so don't spend too much time hanging around the campfire because I suspect, knowing how cute Amanda's charms are, that these kits are going to go fast.  

So, see ya on July 2nd and until then...

Carry a little joy wherever you go.

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