Our Story

Welcome to our family owned company.  Thanks for stopping by. 
Everything you see here is made by hand.
Located on almost 5 acres in rural Washington and surrounded by lush cherry and sweet apple orchards sits our modest farm home where everything is made by hand.
Our bags are made from quality 100% cotton fabrics and our own pattern designs.  Add in sturdy interfacings, plush battings, unique elements, attention to detail and stitch it all with love and you have, what we like to think, is the perfect bag.
But we don't stop there.  Although our love for knitting is how we got started, our bags aren't just for makers.  We also make totes, backpacks and multi-purpose bags that are perfect for make-up, class supplies or a multitude of other things.
You will also occasionally find yarn in our shop.  Our yarns are dyed with the greatest of care.  We start by soaking bare yarns in a citric acid bath and then apply acid dyes and speckling by hand.  Once the dyes have been fully exhausted the yarns are soaked and rinsed in a fragrance free lanolin enriched wool wash until they are fully clean of any loose dye.  They are then hung to dry in the crisp country air of the Pacific Northwest.
Water is recycled throughout the dyeing process to help reduce water waste and then used to water the lawn and plants around our home.
And although they may seem small and insignificant we didn't pass up any details on our progress keepers and stitch markers either.  We use light weight charms, nothing heavy or cumbersome to pull at your stitches.  We're knitters too and we know how irritating that can be.
Our company was started in 2016 but we have years of experience.
Katherine began sewing for her family more than 20 years ago.  She first fell in love with fabric and the art of manipulating it when she was just 16 years old in a high school home-ec class but it would be many years later before she would own her first sewing machine.  In 1994, inspired by the birth of her first child she purchased a sewing machine on a whim and taught herself to sew, expanding on those basic skills she had learned in that long ago but not forgotten class.
She went on to make many of her children's clothing including her daughter's entire kindergarten wardrobe and an adorable John Deere short set for her son for which she won a first place ribbon in the local county fair.  She's also made a few quilts and while she does enjoy the piecing she hates the actual quilting of them.  She had the honor of sewing the flower girl dresses for her daughter's wedding in 2017 and when she's not sewing bags or dyeing yarn can be found stitching up cute dresses for her granddaughter.
Over the years Katherine has tried many crafts including quilting, cross stitch and scrapbooking to name a few.  She learned to knit in 2012 and it changed her life forever.  
Inspired by a need to store her WIP's (she is known as the Cast On Queen) and her love of sewing and knitting, she began sewing project bags.  At first for herself and then for friends.  She soon realized how much she enjoyed designing and making the bags and in 2016 she started The Handmaker's Bag.
Later that same year she would get the dying bug and in 2017 she developed a line of hand dyed yarns with her daughter and together they started Twigs + Twine Yarn Co.  As her daughter grew busy with raising a family the yarn line became part of The Handmaker's Bag line of products.
Today you can find project bags, tote bags, backpacks, multi purpose bags, charm necklaces, and other delights of all types in our shop.  All are handmade in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.
We are committed to providing our customers with high quality handmade products and excellent customer service.
We thank you for supporting our small business and hope every bag and every skein shows our dedication to producing quality products and brings a little joy to your life.